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FAG Cronitect Hybrid Bearings for Maximum Smooth Running

You, too, can profit from the benefits of the FAG Cronitect hybrid bearings. The special combination of materials provides maximum efficiency in racing bicycles. The interaction of bearing rings made of Cronitect high-performance steel and ceramic rolling elements, an improved ball raceway geometry, and a new friction-reducing seal concept offer decisive advantages: Smooth running and reliability improve dramatically.

FAG Cronitect Hybrid Bearings
FAG Cronitect Hybrid Bearings


  • Outstanding smooth-running properties thanks to friction optimization: a bearing cage with an integrated non-contact seal on one side and a harmonized design using Cronitect raceway geometry and ceramic balls
  • Reliable and extremely durable thanks to Cronitect corrosion-resistant steel (bearing rings are “hard on the outside and soft on the inside” and are therefore unbreakable and extremely resistant to corrosion)
  • High-performance ceramic balls
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