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Torque Sensor Inner Bearing - Precise Technology

No compromises: The torque sensor inner bearing BBRTTS sets new standards for measuring power in pedelecs and e-bikes. Over a crank movement of 360 degrees, the sensor inner bearing continuously determines the torque and cadence with highest accuracy. Cycling is much more comfortable with the BBRTTS.

Torque sensor inner bearing - BBRTTS
Torque sensor inner bearing - BBRTTS


  • Precise detection of rider intention in any situation for optimum motor assistance and excellent riding comfort
  • Reliable and maintenance-free throughout the operating life
  • Simple integration in standard frames
  • No calibration necessary
  • Versatile possibilities for combination in electric pedelec and e-bike control systems


  • Continuous power detection (torque and cadence) in any crank position over 360 degrees
  • High corrosion resistance of surfaces and IP protection classes for the inner bearing
  • Compact design, standard BSA and square section crank connection
  • Compatible with electric standard interfaces
Torque - theoretical curve
Torque - theoretical curve
Torque signal
Torque signal
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