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FAG Torque Sensor Inner Bearing - Reliable Technology

Give your e-bikers a positive ride feel using the FAG torque sensor bottom bracket from Schaeffler. The FAG torque sensor inner bearing is a versatile device for measuring power in pedelecs and e-bikes. Over a crank movement of 180 degrees, the sensor inner bearing continuously determines the torque with optimum accuracy. Over a cadence of 360 degrees, the cadence signal is continuously measured. . Pedelec riding is much more comfortable with the BBRTS - a product from the SCHAFFLER VELOSOLUTIONS range of innovative solutions for bikes. There are various electric and mechanical designs. The torque sensor inner bearing is available with an analog or digital interface as well as a wide range of shaft lengths and plug designs.

FAG torque sensor bottom brackets BBRTS
FAG torque sensor bottom brackets BBRTS


  • A comfortable ride in any situation through direct detection of rider intentions and matching of motor power
  • Reliable and maintenance-free throughout the operating life
  • Simple integration in standard pedelec frames, no need for post-calibration
  • Versatile possibilities for combination in electric pedelec and e-bike control systems


  • Precise torque measurement over 180 degree crank position and cadence detection over 360 degrees with up to 64 pulses
  • High corrosion resistance of surfaces and protection classes for the inner bearing
  • Compact design, standard BSA and square section crank connection
  • Compatible with digital and analog interfaces to the pedelec control system
Torque - theoretical curve
Torque - theoretical curve
Torque signal
Torque signal
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